Store Opinion Contest: Enter your code and win 1 Million PC Optimum Points at


Update: This post is about the contest that took place in 2020. Click here for more information about the current Store Opinion Contest 2022.

Enter the Store Opinion Contest to get a chance to win 1 Million PC Optimum Points.

This contest is open only to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence.

To enter you have to first have to make a purchase at any of the participating stores and keep the receipt, then visit the official contest webpage located at and provide 19-21 digit code printed at the bottom of the receipt along with your email address and full name.  To be eligible to the 1 Million points prize you must have a PC optimum account, click here to join if you already haven’t.

Contest ends on December 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.


There are 12 prizes available, winners will choose between a $1,000 PC gift card or 1 million PC optimum points.

Contest period

The Store Opinion Contest begins on January 1, 2020 at 12:00:01 AM (ET) and closes December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM (ET).

Winners and contest results

The draws will take place on the first day of every month during 2020. Winners will be notified by phone call.



  1. Good evening,
    I shop at No frills every day and enjoy shopping because I can buy my grocery items with no Hassle or any kind confusion for looking for items for my daily needs. Cashiers and store employees are great.

  2. We do not answer the phone when we do not know whose calling. We have caller ID. Will the phone # from PC Superstore be recognizable?

    Thank you, waiting for your reply,

    Jackie Young

  3. Disappointed. Went to Tracey’s No Frills today, June 1, 2020. Cashier made a couple mistakes, costing me an additional $2.65, plus I didn’t get the points advertised if I spent over $50

  4. received a notice to do asurvey today abd chance to win 1 million pc points or $1000.00 gift card and cant even do it WHY Not

  5. not a very user friendly survey, i could not be bothered to search through all the crap to enter.if you want a true survey,make it more user friendly.

  6. We do a most of our grocery shopping at Superstore. Decided we would do one of there Opinion Surveys. Boy were we in for a suprize, First you have to download a bunch of Crap, Dont need or want into my computer. Then they make navigating it ridiculous to follow.
    If your going to have a Survey, make it a Survey without all the extra Crap!!!

  7. We shop at Zehrs in Woodstock, Ontario. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and prices are great !! During this Covid 19, we can only applaud the staff and how well the store is marked with directive/arrow signs on floors , plexiglass between customer/cashier, sanitization of consumer conveyors, early seniour hours, etc.

  8. Have been shopping at Superstore for quite some time and notice that my grocery bill has gone up by about $30.00 weekly since the beginning of the year. On a seniors’ fixed income, it makes it a challenge to eat well . I do appreciate the steps the store has taken to keep its customers safe from the Covid 19 virus.

  9. Superstore in Sherwood Park is my “go to” grocery store. I prefer the excellent produce, meats, dairy, cosmetics, and

    Superstore in Sherwood Park is my “go to” store for groceries, and non-grocery items as well. I bought my Sunbeam iron there; clothing (Joe Fresh); and pharmaceutical items.
    The staff are friendly and helpful. I am saving points (dollars) as well.
    I feel safe shopping there while this Pandemic is hanging over us.

  10. I love your store I usually go weekends and I love that you have all the cashiers on the weekends I never would shop on weekends because it will take you forever and ever.
    If you do have sales you usually have the products which is great.
    I don’t like shopping at Walmart every time they have a big sale they’re out of it and actually I don’t feel like a Canadian shopping at Walmart after I leave the store I just feel dirty and have to go wash my hands but then again that’s just my opinion.
    I was a butcher at save on foods for 28 years I do like shopping at save on foods but every time I go in there for a carton of milk it takes me 45 minutes so I don’t go to save on foods anymore.
    You have good meat at superstore and good progress so keep up the good work.
    PS don’t let your price changers go over to Walmart They will probably come back with Covid

  11. Code071420 135603 7235 01578
    I shopped at Superstore , Calgary and would like oenter your contest, but can;t find the form to enter. My clerk was Shazia and was very plesant and helpful

  12. Wog MB – July 20/20 – Shopped at Superstore – Gateway – Wpg – today. Seved by Chelsea – excellent service = 6-out-of-5. Chelsea provided me with a survey slip suggesting I fill out a survey at and (quote) “rate us 5 out of 5” – to win 1,000,000 optimum points.

    Spent 15 minutes online looking for the survey without success and finally threw the survey slip away and gave up. So much for Superstore / optimum surveys.

  13. Was greeted at the entrance with a sanitized buggy. Store is well stocked and was able to get what I came for. Cashier was very courteous and wished me a pleasant day as I was leaving.
    Love shopping at this store.

  14. I shop weekly at windsor supperstore and aways find what i need my cashier Luonne L. was very friendly and helpfull.

  15. always have shopped at Real Canadian superstore in Langley, BUT last weekend (July18th)I was horrified at how the social distancing and marking of isles has changed,THERE WAS NONE people where all over the place right up behind me brushing past me to get something of a shelf just ridiculous,people putting there grocery’s on the conveyor belt before mine have even gone through moving right up to mine. I work for Fraser health and I am very careful about Covid 19 but from what I Experienced in the store I will not be back as there will be a problem there unless they take time to implement store rules again….SAFETY FIRST

  16. I’ve been shopping regularly at Adrian’s No Frills in London and cannot praise them enough for their excellent service during these unsettling the times. The store, as always, is immaculately clean and the staff are all friendly. I really appreciate how the checkout line is clearly marked and that they have a staff member directing people which cashier to go to and when. All the cashiers are doing an excellent job, being friendly and keeping their station super clean. I was initially nervous about getting out and shopping but shopping at Adrian’s has been a great experience and I really appreciate all the extra care they are taking.

  17. My family and I have been shopping at Superstore on Louth for many years. We get all of our family’s prescriptions at this store because of the excellent service we receive from the pharmacy team: Tildja and Malicia and their crew. They present themselves in a professional manner, are friendly, kind, caring, helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy. They take the time to explain medication to us, watch out for potential interactions, and take those extra steps to ensure that our needs are always met. I consider them an important part of our medical team. They are just like our family and always be there for us when we need help. We highly recommend the service.

  18. This is made so difficult that it is impossible to complete. I am not going to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes in completing this and that seems to be what is required. I simply cannot find a way to complete this. my receipt # is 080120 120507 7665 00576 and my cashier was Gail, and she was great.

  19. I shop at Superstore because of one reason. they have a good selection of organic merchandise.
    The staff is friendly,and i feel safe while shopping while this pandemic time.

  20. I would like to give a big shout out to the fantastic team at Loblaw Optical (Superstore – Marine Drive). I am always impressed by Allan’s and Ray’s dedication, professionalism, kindness, patience and attention to every single detail. Thank you, Ray and Allan!

  21. I spent a fair amount of time filling out the storeopinion survey and then before i could enter my address email etc. it just disappeared from the screen we often have problems with you web sight – VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

  22. I like this Super Store however it happen very frequently that the Price has Changed on a Shelf
    Stick, but not when taken to the Cashier… someone isn’t doing their job changing the new
    prices on the shelves with the Electronics for the Cashier. Other than that I have no other complains and the store is well run and clean.

  23. I shop at the Super Store in Scarborough Ont. I find the staff to be friendly and extremely helpful. During this pandemic, the store is immaculate and I enjoy shopping there.

  24. Staff are friendly – Products are good. Pick up fees are higher than the competition. Delivery fees are even more outrageous than the atrocious service. I am a senior with mobility issues but I will never again use your delivery service.

  25. The slip given to me from the super store states fill out our survey at store I was not able to get through. Clicked on all links but to no good. Did not find the survey to win 1 million pc points. Very disappointed.

  26. I like shopping at No Frills, Brooks, AB, its the best grocery store in our town. The staff are excellent. I dont like that we are forced to wear masks. I will be shopping there less, which makes me sad. Hopefully, they will stop this silly idea that wearing masks will make any difference, with social distancing and sanitizing everything is good enough.

  27. I love my Kelowna Super Store, shop weekly for us and our daughter. Most items are in stock.. The clerks are very friendly and helpful.

  28. I was just shopping at your No Frills in NewMarket on Yonge and Davis Drive. I was not allowed to use one of your smaller carts. The person who told me so was very rude and unprofessional. He told me the carts can not be used because they are not sanitary and that they only have room for the larger carts, meanwhile the smaller carts are perfectly accessible.He had no regards for any of the reason that I explained why I use the smaller cart. Also the store was out of a few products such as hamburger bun, Nestle Quik chocolate powder,a few other items in regards to fruit and meat items, so I stopped shopping and payed for the the items I had. I am very disappointed with this store I only shop there from time to time but I will not be shopping there again.

  29. I am really disapointed to be forced to download things on my computer to enter a contest. I guess Presidents Choice must be getting a kick back from it to pay for the winning prizes. Shame on you.
    I shop at Superstore in Grimsby Ontario. The staff there are wonderfully helpful. During COVID they have been very patient with customers and very understanding. The store is clean and I feel safe shopping in their environment. I would of rated 5 out of 5.
    I love that they ‘price match’ which saves me from having to drive to other stores to take advantage of the better price. Being a Senior on a very tight budget, this really helps me out. Faaiza who was my cashier today was wonderful. I had trouble bringing up my price match items on my phone, she was very patient and very helpful as she knew most of the item on sale at other stores and gave me the price match price. I saved about $10.00 today. She deserves a huge pat on the back. Thank you.

  30. I was shopping at your Chilliwack store on September 6, 2020, and found that even though you have a mandatory mask policy in place, there were people in the store shopping with no masks on. If you are to have a mandatory mask policy, why is the policy not being enforced? The lack of enforcement in the store for a mask leaves me to wonder if I should consider another company who do have and enforce a mandatory mask policy. It only takes one non-compliant individual to create the possible spread of Covid-19.

  31. Always please with the Superstore in Strathroy, ON, they have handled the Covid-19 pandemic
    very well, they always have great sales, and the people who work there are always very friendly.

  32. The store in Toronto at Bathurst & Wilson is a very pleasant place to shop and the staff are always ready to help the customers.

  33. Cannot seem to get into the contest using my code. Where do I put it.
    Shopped yesterday and because of the renovation to the Deerfoot Meadows store they did not have a lot stuff. Everything was moved around so hard to find things and staff could not even help. Very frustrating.

  34. Just came from NO FRILLS in OAK RIDGES, ON, and found that the Danactive Yogurt that I bought today on Sept. 16, 2020 – was dated Best before Sept 12, 2020 – FOUR DAYS AGO! > Don’t they check their dairy daily to remove out-dated product? I normally shop at NO FRILLS in Aurora, and will go back there instead of going to the store in Oak Ridges. They also overcharged me for snow peas that were on sale – if I had noticed in the store, I would of gotten that item at zero cost, due to computer price mistake – but it is too far for me to take it back for the money it cost. They need to pay more attention to their items.

  35. I shop at Simon’s No Frills in Vancouver. Since the store was renovated it is very nice and the displays, especially of produce, much better. I like the prices and friendly staff.

  36. Langford Superstore BC, they could use some of their girls there to take some courses on how to be pleasant and nice to customers, nobody likes a “Know it all type of a gal” I have encountered 3 of the regular ladies there over the last 3 years( they are in the late 30″ and early 40″s age bracket) and for some reason they are very opinionated? I have gone there and have been served by older retiree’s that have gone back into the work force for some reason, and they are very nice and friendly, and even your younger group are nicer than those ladies in that age group. I assume they have been there for a long time and have learnt that attitude ” I am right and you will do as I say” and if not I will certainly let you know right in front of other customers. I avoid their check outs if either one of those ladies are working, I would far rather stand 10 deep in a line up then be served by one of them. You also need to teach your staff to “Not talk about other employee’s in front of a customer” I don’t want to hear it and will most likely feel sorry for the one they are complaining about. Yes, I believe in top notch customer service, I also am in customer service and if I treated my customers the way those 3 ladies have done, I would of been fired, Customers are the reason you are in business, and if you let your staff treat customers like its “our privilege’s to spend our money in your store”, then you need to rethink the situation, I would rather go to Walmart or Fairways then be treated badly, Now that being said, there are many great employee’s in your store, but you have a group that drags down your store. I am being a very honest customers, and I bet I am not just speaking for myself here, I bet there have been many people treated that way but you will never hear about it.

  37. I love shopping at our St. Albert Superstore. It’s always clean and safe with social distancing and sanitizing. the staff is always very pleasant and helpful. Superstore has excellent produce, meats, dairy, and non groceries items. I am saving points as well.

  38. This is not a contest – it’s like an assignment. Also, halfway through the survey the little squares did not appear – so much for the survey!!!!!

  39. Why should I have to down load an app to complete an opinion pole? Misleading and deceptive. It appears that the Real Canadian Superstore does not really want you opinion. In my most recent trips to the store I found many empty spaces in the diary coolers (for 2 days straight). No one was stocking the area over the weekend. Either manager trying to save on staffing costs or poor management oversight. Most of the young female cashiers are unfriendly (the young men and older women are friendly); it speaks to their training. I was over charged on a multiples item. NO signs indicating limits on certain paper products, yet charged full regular price on 2 of the items (yes, a second overcharge). Prices on many items have increased dramatically since Covid; apparent gouging. Broccoli was limp, untrimmed and some was turning yellow. This seems symptomatic of a just in time inventory system and a reduced delivery schedule. Service at this store and the resulting customer satisfaction has gone downhill at this outlet.

  40. I love shopping at Real Canadian Superstore
    I shop at the one located by Scarborough town centre in Scarborough toronto.

    NUMBER ONE is the cashier her name is Noorjahan. SHES SUPER GOOD good, always smiling , friendly , patient and helpful. I wish few of cashiers at that store would learn from her.

    I recommend my family and friends to this store real Canadian Superstore specially at this location. I’ve used to shop at no frills now switch to this store due to friendly cleanliness and lots of selection at this store

    Big supermarket clean before you enter sanitizers with paper towels so you can use the sanitizer and paper towels to wipe the buggy.

  41. I have been having a problem with my health ins plan and my pharmacist at the Picton No Frills store went way beyond what I expected of him to help me solve my problem.
    Mr. Shradmyey was most helpful and took the time tohelp an ‘ old fart ‘ solve a problem.
    Many Thanks….David

  42. I receive very good service at the Quinpool Rd. Super Store .Mohammed ,Bill and Angela are especially great and very helpful .
    Susan Howes

  43. Win 1 million points just to fill out our survey at Go to website any everything you click on brings you to this page not allowing me to enter! Im starting to believe this is just a false advertisement. Or your IT department is shit!

  44. Actually, a day after day, No Frills is dominating the market and instead of visiting different stores every week, I collect all my weakly and monthly groceries from No Frills. I feel confident that no other store could offer me such low prices and good qualities.

  45. At NOV 2nd, my mom and me went to the store in Regina, and we had confusion about the candys’ price. One of store empolyee, Cory, who was so nice to us, and he went above and beyond what we required. The way beyond what I expected of him to help us solve the problem made my mom’s day. Thank you Cory.

  46. 5 out of 5. lead me to all kinds of other sites and I could not do the survey. Could you please fix this ?

    Thanks you.

  47. Not interested in the style of contest you have set up, New Glasgow Superstore, staff always helpful, and store is clean.
    Disappointed that chicken is now sold by the package , not by weight, price per KG no where to be found, left store and bought my chicken elsewhere.
    Disappointing you are following Walmart down that path.

  48. i shop at your store approx. two times a week i have no problem to ask the staff for help if needed >> i know approx up to 100 items off by memory your vegetable section is getting a lot of good attention >> sometimes i am surprised to find in store specials that are not advertised >which i usually buy > the wife and i both buy our gas at your site and willingly spend the 7 c per litre in store > which surprisingly adds up to v/g savings >> so who needs costco ?

  49. I shop at Pitt Meadows Store every other day. I am liking the new layout. Staff is friendly. if you can’t find something they take you right o the product.
    There are some products that needs attention to get back on the shelves though! But for the most part my go to place over Mission.

  50. I love shopping at the superstore at scoot road in delta bc its close to my house.i mostly do shopping on the weekend my prescations were ready for me to pickup I use my points to buy the grocery staff and management is very helpfull

  51. I received this Win coupon to apply today Jan 12, 2021. I see the contest is closed.. according to the rules.
    It’s odd that I would receive this coupon..

  52. Shopped today Jan., 21 2021 got a sales slip for what I bought and now this program is over by
    2020 end. Why give Win ticket if the contest is over. Candace was pleasant enough.

  53. Good day, I have been shopping at the superstore for over 10 years. I have always felt like this is the store I enjoy shopping at. Staff and cashiers have always been pleasant .I have also appreciated receiving free merchandise after spending a certain amount on groceries’. Nowhere else is this offered. accumulating points on my PC is always a bonus. I do have one gripe though, at times a product is not always available and is not stocked for a awhile. Other then that I will remain a satisfied consumer. Thank you

  54. shopped at super store feb 3rd 2021 recieved a card to enter contest to win 1million points
    checked on line contest ended dec 31 2020

  55. To enter you have to first have to make a purchase at any of the participating stores and keep the recepit, then visit the official contest webpage located at and provide 19-21 digit code printed at the bottom of the receipt along with your email address and full name. To be eligible to the 1 Million points prize you must have a PC optimum account, click here to join if you already haven’t.

    Contest ends on December 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. Winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.

    I also noticed that the contest ended on December 31, 2020 according to the information on the website. Also, the word “receipt” is misspelled.

  56. Shoppers Optimum, Pcid, insiders, …… on and on.
    I have waited hours on the phone to ask them to remove 8 extra cards:two credit cards, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANY HELP!

    This is nothing but a waste of time and web confusion.

  57. This business is a waste of time and a web experience NIGHTMARE!
    Worse, there are really no people to speak with who have a clue either.


  59. I had the best service today at superstore from Julie, new assistant manager. Also Kathy in customer service was awesome. Feb.23, 2021. It made my day to have Julie help me out. I tried calling many times and many hours later, no result . Today I a few minutes everything was fixed…

  60. How can anyone be satisfied with trying to ‘win’ a $1000 gift card from this company when there are over a dozen hits coming up when you put in your address bar ‘’?????
    Why can’t this company use something that you just get right into this survey? it is so damn frustrating!!!!

  61. Hi i wish everyone good luck and everyday i spend 200$ on my food at real canadian super store friendly staff and i rate 5 out of 5

  62. Very organized, clean, wide isles, and a great selection of products, produce, restaurant supplies, meats, etc. available.
    I do wish they had a self checkout for 10 or less items available to the customers. Staff are friendly and willing to provide assistance. Big parking lot available to the customers and easy access off of 142 street or 116 ave.

  63. I am not signing up for an additional account and downloading additional programs to do the survey. Stop it!

  64. Very disappointed, I went shopping at Daniel’s NO FRILS were i usually go and I had no problem whit the points because I am a PC member. Feb 27 I went shopping was a special day for point and I get a 0 point WHAY? code 012722 113402555301356 I would like your answer THANYOU.


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