Store Opinion Contest 2021: Enter your code and win $1000 PC Gift Cards at


Update: This post is about last year’s contest (2021). Click here for more information about the current Store Opinion Contest 2022.

Enter now the Store Opinion Contest 2021, in it, you get the opportunity to win $1000 PC Gift Cards.

This contest is open only to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence.

To enter visit any of the participating stores, make a purchase and keep your receipt, then visit the official contest website located at and enter the 19-21 digit code at the bottom of the receipt, then follow the instructions to provide your contact information. You can also enter without purchase by checking the box “Don’t have receipt”.

The contest ends on December 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winners will be chosen at random.


There are 24 prizes available to be won, each consists of either a $1,000 PC gift card or 1,000,000 PC Optimum Points.

Contest period

The Store Opinion Contest 2021 begins on January 1, 2021 and ends on December 31, 2021.

Winners and contest results

There will be monthly draws to take place between the 8th and 11th day of each month. Winner will be notified by phone.


  1. there is my receipt code =011421 112101 7908 01071 from January 14/2021 I can find a place to put the code to enter the contest this is the 3 time that I tried to enter this contest I am calling this a scam My amount I spend $45.30 at the Super store 4270 Innes Rd Orleans,Ontario, Canada.Sincerely Lise Smith

  2. There is my receipt code 012321 122910 1989 01516 from January 23/2021 . Store : 01516 ( 550 Kenaston I like Superstore, served me Shima. I rate her work 5 out of 5.

  3. Impossible to enter your contest??

    My code is 021421 081828 8003 00704
    No Frills in Orillia, Ontario

    Thank You in advance for your time.
    I love Shopping at No Frills here in Orillia.

  4. code :031521 185303 5289 09054 store:09054 As usual this is the only store I have shopped at for the last 2 years. I was served by Chris, and his attitude was fantastic as it always is. Always willing to help and when I have an off day he has a way of making me feel better. He was willing to help find an item that I wanted unfortunately .

  5. This is utter BS no where to do the contest survey. Pain in butt. Does anyone ever find it and does anyone ever win?

  6. Love this store in Okotoks, Staff is helpful and extremely friendly. The prices of their items are awesome.
    My husband and I have recommended this store to others that live here.

  7. I can’t find your contest. Is this a scam. The only contest that comes up in 2020. so you tell me where is 2021. here is my code if anyone out there cares. 033121 153704 7423 01552 store 01552. Would be good customer service if someone answer this email.

  8. is this contest for real? or a scam? there is no way to enter to give my opinions of the shopping experience. it’s frustrating & VERY UNNECESSARY! I do like the Superstore I shop @ in Camrose, Alberta. Since I couldn’t get my code in a contest I’m entering it here. 040521 153795 7256 01547 April 11 2021

  9. My receipt code is 041621 090403 2124 02691. My cashier is Abdul Karim and was such a nice guy. He works at Massine’s Independent Grocer on 296 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The number is 613-234-8692. Abdul was kind and helpful.

  10. I like Maxi (President Choice), I go at the store in Beloeil since 1997, so for 24 years. I go there not only for the points. I really like the no name products of the President Choices. Thank you!

  11. superstore is our shopping place . year 1999 we started ,[ mostly helpfull but also some disappointments .] code051221 104309 3009 01509 today was good with Rhonda .

  12. Complete waist of time. The cashier hands you a WIN 1,000,000 optimum points survey card …. just go to and have at er …… problem is you never find the survey. Whoever runs this survey idea should roll out of their hammock and get it right.

  13. As you can see many people have a problem with your contest page – where to find it and then where to put the receipt code. Causes a bad feeling about your store. Why do you leave this site the way it is and just cause yourself negative customer relations. Either have an easy to enter contest or don’t have one at all!


  14. Well that was time I can not get back , hard to enter . Why do you have these contests and then make it almost impossible to figure out . Why do I get so suprised by these things . I must say Allison at No Frills in Abbotsford BC was quite lovely

  15. Ive tried several sites, links and pages to try and find the place to enter the code to enter this contest. Please fix your site! Im going to follow suit here and enter my receipt code for the contest.
    Code; 120421 152602 3976 01525
    Superstore Nanaimo BC Vancouver Island
    Served by Brenda, whom i rate 5 stars for service.

  16. I have followed your instructions at, but there is nowhere enter the Code! This is a terrible Website, and must be made easier. If you really want us to enter, then please, check it out yourself, and you will see that it is impossible for us to enter our Codes! Otherwise, we will just be annoyed, and not shop with you any more. Prices of food going up!

    NOTE: If you need a ‘professional’ Web Designer, contact me….I know of someone you’d love.

    Thank you. A response to my email would be nice, and very much appreciated. Have a good day – sorry for the complaint! Marlene


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