Loblaws Store Opinion Survey 2019: Enter your receipt code and win a $1000 gift card at storeopinion.ca


Enter the Loblaws Store Opinion Survey 2019, in it, you could win a $1000 gift card.

This contest is only open to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in the province or territory in which they reside.

To enter you just have to complete the Costumer Satisfaction Survey, to do it visit the official contest web site located at storeopinion.ca and fully complete the survey and fill in the required personal details on the entry form including your name, last name, email address, province and phone number.

The contest closes on December 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be selected randomly from among all eligible entries.


There is a total of 24 prizes available to be won, each consists of a $1,000 Loblaw gift card or 1,000,000 PC Optimum points.

Contest period

The Loblaws Store Opinion Survey 2019 begins on January 1, 2019 at 6:00:01 AM (ET) and closes December 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM (ET).

Winners and contest results

There will be monthly draws to select the winners, two each month. They will be notified by phone within three days of each draw.



  1. do you have to have a pc credit card in order for the optinum points card to work at Lobelaw
    stores. I spent $168.00 on groceries and earned 0 points. This is not the first time that I have
    not earned points when spending over $50.00.


  2. You need a points card and also need to load your point offers weekly. You should get an email on Thursday to load offers for PC. Since PC is now with Shopper all you need is your point card presented at cash.

    • I’m sorry, but you must not comparison shop very much. Loblaws prices are the highest of any supermarket chain except for, perhaps, Sobey’s. You should check flyers every week, especially No Frills which is Loblaws’ discount chain and Food Basics (Metro) and Freshco (Sobey’s). I don’t like what they’re doing in Shoppers Drug Mart which they just acquired. The grocery section is expanding also with comparatively high prices.

      • You are RIGHT ON the money with this comment! I know so many people who blindly shop at Loblaws/Superstores/Shoppers and THINK they are getting good value – they are NOT! Their prices are always higher (except when on sale), and in many cases they are 2-3 times more than some stores, especially Wallymart which I hate shopping at but it is hard to deny the savings they offer.

    • Hi, Sharon. Yes, Loblaws do have the best laid out and most attractive stores and their stores are always busy (The Maple Leaf Gardens store here in TO is insane all the time!) My local store apparently has the busiest Wine Rack concession in the whole of Canada!. Now that’s attractive. LOL. No, their prices are not very good or even good in comparison. Check the weekly fliers for any items that are on sale at Loblaws and other chains. I recently found a couple of items where Loblaws’ sale price was $2 more than the lowest flyer sale price!.

  3. I got a yellow WIN Ticket but where do i enter it? there isn,t much details at all just saying a chance to win monthly prizes of the sum of $1000.00
    Its not clear where to add anything down. I don,t want to take any silly surveys Ok.

  4. Last week, I was at your Peterborough location. I was shoping and thought I’d stop by The Mobile Shop. My neice had gotten a hold of my cell. She had changed the language plus other things. I did finally did get it to english. But,it was really acting up. It had been a few days. Steve Steckel helped me out, despite the fact that the cel wasn’t bought from there. He was kind and very helpful. A true asset to your store. Definately makes me want to shop there. Molly

  5. I tried to join this contest. why is it that it is so complicated that the set up of my computer has to change. why is it that I had to download instabox. I joined other survey but it is not as complicated as this one. Please make it as simple as it can be wherein we can go to survey directly and don’t have to download other apps.


  6. Where is the survey?
    Also I can’t unload my offers. All I get is a short pink squiggly line! Why is that?I have also not gotten puts for spending over $50.00.
    At shoppers I have not gotten 20times the pets when offered , only a portion. Instructions are not clear!

  7. For weeks I have had difficulty getting into the PC Optimum website to load my weekly offers. I, too, just get the “wiggly line”. After several calls to speak to a PC Optimum rep, I finally got someone who knew what they were talking about and how to help me. Gregory told me that the problem is between PC Optimum and Apple computer users. He VERY kindly loaded my offers for this week for me. After receiving NO points for weeks, I finally got some points today! Apparently they are working on this Apple glitch – let’s hope it’s repaired soon. It’s frustrating to be a loyal PC user and not be able to take advantage of the points programme.

  8. I too have problems, just now the page ‘timed out’, it does this often so I cannot enter contest.,
    it is a very poor site so do not bother too often. Chances of winning are astronomical.
    WATCH YOUR PRICES, same owner different store and prices are not comparable! No rime or reason!
    and to make it worse the stores are three blocks from each other. and another one just five blocks and both are exactly the same distance from my house!

  9. I shop this store a lot and I do find many good deals and never has any problems with any item if I need to return something. Good service and yes some prices may be higher but the over all is better, and some products is don’t like to purchase in the produce dept.

  10. I had forgotton my recycle bags and of course the cashier did not have any so I had to hunt them down for myself but store did not have any of the larger bags, only the small bags that would only fit a bag of potatoes. Fine I bought 2 bags and bought the rest as plastic bags. Having held up the people in line behind me I paid with my PC Interac card and said wait you didn’t ask me for my PC Optimum card. The cashier said oh you’ll have to go to customer service. After waiting for Customer Service to get off the phone arranging her family get together – should I give you the details? – I explained the cashier didn’t request my PC Optinum card and sent me here. She said, do you have the items loaded on your cell phone. Are you kidding? She said I only get points on some items and that she would have to scan all my items to cancel the order then rescan them for the points. I said you can’t just enter the receipt number and attach it to the PC Optinum card #? She said what items did I purchase that get points? I said ‘are you kidding’?! She then said you can go over to the pavilion and they can help you. I asked the flower counter where the pavilion is and there were 2 men trying to sign up customers for PC cards. I told the guy my story and he said he couldn’t help me but he can get me a PC Mastercard. I said …’ARE YOU KIDDING?’ Because I had so many groceries I called a cab that was already waiting since this ordeal took quite some time. The Cab Driver asked me if I was ok that I looked flustered. I told him my story – he said YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM TO CANCEL AND RESCAN – THIS HAS HAPPENED TO HIM TOO. I really don’t have that kind of time to waste. Further on Friday the PC App wouldn’t load properly on my iPhone and having spent over $55 I was to get like $15 worth of optimum points. My grocer bill today was $135.35


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