RONA Opinion Survey 2020: Enter your access code and win $1,000 gift cards at


Enter now the RONA Opinion Survey 2020 Contest, in it, you could Win a $1,000 gift card each month.

Entry is only open to legal residents of Canada, who are eighteen years of age or older at the time of entry.

To enter you must make a purchase at RONA and keep your receipt. Then, head over to the and enter your access code found on your receipt. Next, fully complete the survey to complete your entry. Limit of one participation per receipt.

Entries will close the last month of 2020. The winners will be selected at random among all entries submitted.


There will be one prize awarded each month, each consist of a $1,000 RONA, Reno-Depot or TOTEM gift card.

Contest period

The RONA Opinion Survey 2020 Contest is already open and will run through the year.

Winners and contest results

The winners will be selected each month and will be notified by email or phone.



  1. Cannot believe that something that should be simple to enter could possibly be this ridiculously hard. No place to start the survey let alone the access code.
    It is no wonder customers get frustrated today.

  2. 2 survey to complete ( 2 code #) for 2 big spend at RONA Penticton B.C. electric stove total $1191.11 and hang door + doorlite w/mini-blind total $626.37 and no real place to enter code and start survey , I am not impress

  3. I agree with all of the above. This is the most difficult to find site, no place for code and a waste of time. Get it together Rona!!!

  4. Cannot enter access code in the blank provided. A complete waist of my time. All it does is anger customers but it’s impossible to enter code. Same as all others above.

  5. I agree with everyone above, I am disgusted, just a marketing research scam. I wanted to give my comments on the excellent service that Jordan have given us. We were very impressed with him, just before leaving the store he gave me a card to answer a short survey to tell Rona how they are doing.
    On the card it says”if you liked my service please use my name in the survey which is what I wanted to do. All I cam across was pages and pages of questions on different products, nothing to do with the service survey. Now I have to write a personal letter to the store manager and drop it off. I always try to let the “boss” know when one of their employees has done an exceptional job, also the fact that I could “win” $1000.00 was inticing as well. Very disappointed in Rona, not the same since Lowe’s of the USA took over!!

  6. Hi, I agree with some of the other comments. (not disgusted, waste of time, shattered faith, etc.)
    I have to say the Rona is my favorite store and I continue to shop there. The staff at Home Depot and Lowes are no where near as friendly and helpful.
    As for the contest…. when I click on Survey web page I get the message “invalid request”. So that is disappointing. Hopefully Rona’s management is reading these comments and fixing the problem / glitch.

  7. if you met sacha at rona you would enter for her . GR8 service .
    I agree with all the pissed off people before me . I will be returning this piece of bull shit paper to Sacha tomorrow . She will fix it like she fixed my roof problem.
    I know she will get her upper managers to blow up on this crap

  8. I can not access the survey or enter my access code.
    I wanted to comment on my shopping experience and enter to win the $1,000 gift card.

  9. Great service at RONA in Burnaby, Edmonds street, today. Barbara was exellent, knolegable, frendly.
    As per survey, it is way too comlicated, nowhere to enter the code etc.

  10. No place to enter the code!you want us to support this store in Simcoe,Ontario.but can’t complete the survey .Every one that has tryed should get a part off that money!our time is valuable to.

  11. I went to the Rona store in Georgetown yesterday, the back storage area is like a garbage dump . We had to climb over cans of paint to get the product I wanted. If someone falls and gets injured, the ministry of labour should be called in , or the fire dept should pay them a visit . . . . . Maybe the store is closing and nobody cares, that’s what it looks like to me . I asked if there’s a manager, they said he is in the front. . . . . .
    I also tried to enter my access code no success. . ..

  12. I went to the Georgetown store to purchase 8 X 4 sheets and have them cut into two pieces . They told me the saw doesn’t work , it hasn’t been working for the last six months . Thank God there is a Home Hardware in town

  13. Extremely disappointed with the http://www.rona opinion ca survey. Impossible to enter. People who work in our local Rona store are all very helpful & pleasant people. The store is clean & well organized. All these reasons are why I shop at Rona and not Home Depot. I seriously thought Rona would have more class than to enter into a scam-like marketing scheme like this one. If there is a way of entering this survey/contest it would be worth my time, because believe it or not Rona, your customers time is worth a bit more than the marketing people realize. By running this scam you are cheapening your name. This survey/contest scam is an insult to the intelligence of your customers, and shame on you !!!! Home Depot is only a couple of blocks farther to drive. Survey that fact !!!


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