Peel to Reveal Contest. Win cheese for a year at


Enter Mini Babybel and The Laughing Cow “Peel to Reveal” Contest for a chance to win cheese for a year, gift cards, discount coupons and many more prizes.

To enter, go to the official page of the contest at and click the “Ready, set, cheese!” button.

The first time you enter you will have to register by entering your personal details (email, phone, name, address, city, postal code and province or territory).

Once you have logged in, you will be able to virtually peel a Mini Babybel or The Laughing Cow cheese to discover whether you have a winning entry by clicking on the “Get peeeeeling!” button.

You can win instantly prizes or a consolation prize consisting of a discount coupon.

You can enter a second time by entering a UPC number (the digits on the barcode of participating products).

There is a limit of 2 entries per day (1 basic entry and 1 entry using a UPC code). Contest ends on October 30, 2017.


Instant prizes (1 prize per winner):
· 5 winners of $500 prepaid cards.
· 10 winners of one-year supply of Mini Babybel, The Laughing Cow, Kiri or Cheez Dippers products.
· 500 winners of Mini Babybel, The Laughing Cow, Kiri or Cheez Dippers products, awarded as coupons.
· Thousands of discount coupons.

Contest period

The Mini Babybel and The Laughing Cow "Peel to Reveal" Contest begins on August 14, 2017 and ends on October 30, 2017 at noon.

Winners and contest results

Entrants will know instantly if they are one of the winners.


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