McDonald’s Coca-Cola Summer Drink Days Promotion 2019: Enter your code and win prizes at


Enter now the McDonald’s Summer Drink Days with Coca-Cola Promotion 2019 for the opportunity to Win one of thousands of great prizes.

The promotion is open to residents of Canada who are 13 years of age or older.

To obtain a code and play you must purchase a medium or large participating Coca-Cola fountain beverage in a specially marked cup at a McDonalds in Canada. Then, find the code and the sip & scan icon on the cup. Next, follow the cup instructions to visit and to scan to sip & scan icon on the cup using your smart phone to get started,  then complete and submit a registration form to confirm your age and provide your valid email address, date of birth and postal code. Then, follow the links and instructions to enter your Code where indicated.

The promotion ends on September 2, 2019. If you are the first person to play at or after the applicable winning time, you will be notified that you are the potential winner of a prize.


Instant Win Game Prizes: 5,000 Spotify Premium Prizes, 4,000 Amazon Prizes, 4,000 Hudson's Bay Prizes, 4,000 Foot Locker Prizes, 4,000 WaySpa Prizes. All consist of gift cards.

Contest period

The McDonald's Summer Drink Days with Coca-Cola Promotion begins on July 30, 2019 at 12:00:01 a.m. ET and ends on September 2, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Winners and contest results

The winners will be instantly notified if they have won and will receive instructions to claim their prize.



  1. it is impossible to figure out how to enter the contest. i have tried every possible part of this site.
    very confusing and disappointing, not to mention a total waste of my time. Way to get bad publicity!

  2. Same here… why do you create contests and make it so difficult to enter it… this site is NOT friendly or is it that you want everybody to have your app on their cell phone… this is something I will NOT DO… and the gentleman at the top here that made a comment… your only reply is: Impossible….. very professional… anyway… I would really like to know if the the number on my cup is a winner… the number is: FM5799N4BX… people will say it was stupid of me to put my number… but I’m the only one that has the cup with that number in particular!!!

  3. Entering this contest is unbelievable!! I can’t enter my codes either. I don’t know why they haven’t provided an online site that you can just enter the code to see if the cup is a winner!! Every other contest provides that opportunity!!

  4. So if you have a code and want to enter it, you do have to read the contest rules. In there it tells you how to electronically get 5 free pin codes to enter each day. Click on the link provided. Once you open the email, you will have to become a coca cola member of sorts (but you never get anything for nothing) by entering your email, make a password, tell them your birthday and give them your postal code. Then you are good to go. The link from within the email, will take you to the enter code page. I won a Spotify playlist??? Is that a prize? Anyway, it’s like almost any other computer contest now a days.

  5. it’s a hoax. normally you go to a contest you give the number and you know if you win. This time you need a intelligent phone you give too much details and you give autorization to coke for the camera. It’s a shame and people without intelligent phone cann’t participate. Come back in the FUTURE WITH A NORMAL CONTEST.

  6. Every cup I’ve tried to scan just keep saying “that icon isn’t valid for this promo”… did an employee already scan it????


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