Lowe’s Opinion Survey: Enter your receipt and win $300 at www.lowes.ca/survey


Enter now the Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest for a chance to Win one of five monthly prizes of $300 USD cash.

Entry is open to all legal residents of Canada who are at least of the age of majority.

To enter this contest you must have a cash register receipt containing an internet address. Then head to the contest website at lowes.ca/survey and enter the required information from your receipt, answer the survey and fill out the online entry form. Once the survey has been completed, you will automatically receive one entry.

Contest ends on January 31, 2020. Winners will be selected at random.


There will be 5 prizes each month during the competition period, each will consist of $300 USD.

Contest period

The Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest starts on February 2, 2019 at 12:00 ET and ends on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET.

Winners and contest results

The winners for this month prize will be selected on 7 August, 2019 and will be notified by email and phone.



  1. The customer service is excellent. Your sales person was very well informed and helped me with my plumbing questions/problem. Have not witnessed this excellent service for many years. Thank You .

  2. Lowes should hire more sales people like Russ, at the Windsor east store. He will always go out of his way to help, even if it is not his department, which is in appliances. Thank you Russ.

  3. Sasha and Wing in plumbing (toilets) at Grandview were both very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Really appreciated their input and kudos to Lowes for choosing and training their employees!

  4. I just purchased a roll of Cantech Fusionpro self-fusing silicone tape. This product is offered at $13.99 for white or black. Although the manufacturer is different, the product is the same as those offered by Canadian Tire and Home Hardware for about 7 to 9 dollars. I bought the product at Lowe’s knowing that I was paying too much because the other products are not offered in white…it will be used on the white lifelines of our sailboat.
    I was going to point out this pricing difference via the on-line survey. After submitting the I.D. number and time from my receipt, the site response was that the number was invalid….it was definitely the correct one. I tried a few times. Finally, I was informed that a survey had already been submitted under that number. And so I am informing you that I am unhappy with the price of the tape, and now I am also unhappy with how your survey failed to accept my response.

  5. Georgia and Walter Riedel

    Just purchased a frigidaire freezer from Lowes Kitchener 3710. We are very happy with our new freezer, and appreciated the great customer service we received from the staff, especially Kathie, who went above and beyond!

  6. I recently bought a Christmas tree al Lowes in Ottawa and was blown away by ho helpful the clerk in that department was. He had previously removed the wrappings from every tree in the lot so that customers didn’t have to guess what the trees actually looked like. He cut off a portion of the stump and proceeded to re-wrap the tree for transporting. Thanks to him, shopping for a Christmas tree was actually a pleasant experience.

  7. We wish to recognize and thank a few of your outstanding staff who demonstrated integrity, dedication and commitment in performing their job.

    We had 73 drywall sheets delivered on Thursday December 19th by a company with which LOWES contracts. There was meant to be a note in our file requesting that the boards were to be carried to the basement and we were to pay for that service. However, when the delivery occurred at 7am that morning, they simply left the drywall (albeit, covered) in our driveway. It’s winter and it was to snow (as it did). I called LOWES and spoke with a manager, Renee Reid who assured me that she will make arrangements for the drywall to be transported into our basement, and she kept her word.

    She came in with the four young men, Scott, Mike, Grant and Jamer and supervised the transfer of the boards. They were very hard working, careful, and courteous. They saved the drywall from being ruined, and for all this genuine kindness, we thank you very much.

    We hope you have a lovely holiday,
    Jolanta and Roman Sakowski

  8. just bought 600.00 dollars worth of lighting for my home, staff very helpful,but when trying to simply register for the contests i find i have to jump through many hoops,if you are trying to discourage people from completing the contest part why don’t u just quit offering them,i was thinking of a new dishwasher and have looked at one at Lowe’s but after trying to enter the contest i think ill look around a bit more’very frustrating to be told we can enter a contest then have to go through all this run around

  9. Was in the store today to purchase bathroom fixture with my son, we walked around the department and couldn’t find someone to help us… under staffed in the weekend.

  10. I wont fill out the survey as I don’t want to get bombed with emails on discounts and flyer information. But Doug in plumbing at store 3007 is excellent in knowledge and extremely helpful.

  11. On March 20th 2020 I went to the Lowe’s Store in Rutherford Mall, Nanaimo, B.C., to buy
    a refrigerator. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a very patient and informative
    salesperson CARL who went out of his way to find me the right fridge for my
    immediate and urgent needs, especially as the models in stock were extremely limited.
    I give him full marks and it was the best service I have ever got anywhere.


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