Coors Light Onesie Contest: Enter your PIN and win 1 of 300 onesies at


Enter now the Coors Light Onesie Contest, enter for your chance to win 1 of 300 onesies.

This contest is open only to legal residents of Canada who are 19 years of age or older at the time of entry.

To enter you have to purchase a specially marked case of Coors Light and look for the unique PIN printed inside, then visit the official contest website and follow the instructions to enter your PIN and fill out the entry form with the required contact information.

The contest will close on February 1, 2022.  Winner will be selected by random draw from all eligible entries.


There are a total of 300 prizes available to be won, each consists of a $100 each.

Contest period

The contest begins on December 1, 2021 and ends on February 1, 2022.



  1. I bought 2 cases of Coors Light on the 10th (2 days ago) I Tried to enter the contest for a onesie but it said the contest was closed and would not let me enter. It says that is goes until Feb. What is the deal with that? Another one of those deals where by the time the cases get to Saskatchewan it is too late to win anything? If that is the case don’t even bother putting any enticements in the cases coming out west!! It is kind of false advertising.

    • Try entering through the Coors light website. The first link I tried did the same thing…I’m in BC and just entered today (Dec. 21, 2021).

  2. I’ve tried to enter 2 codes an both say closed, I’ve tried with other contest ( BLUEJAYS sweat pants ) but just seems like a false contest

    • Read what everyone is saying. Yes they offer but you never get. I know we are the little ppl, but
      you have to give the customer/consumer there product. I was taught a CUSTOMER is never wrong. So COORSLIGHT, show your CUSTOMERS some RESPECT!!

    • dean in nova scotia
      i have drinking coorslight for 20 years and it s seems like a ripoff from coors one time.
      maby its time for a enw beer.
      cheers dean

  3. The contest is BS!! The only thing I entered and actually got it was the T-shirts.
    Anything else you don’t get. So now I am putting in to get a pair or 2 1 for self other for hubby.
    We drink it,but can’t win a dam thing from theses guys. So tell them not to amusement in it,,


    19 David Street, Glacé Bay
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  4. I bought 2 cases of coors light, tried to enter contest, not sure where you enter at. All I see are the stupid pop up ads which try to get your credit card. Not sure why coors would do this to us. What is the since having a contest and no one can enter. Coors is all I drink, but I sure as hell cant win anything like this. I believe this contest is crap.


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