Canadian Tire Gas Survey: Win up to $1000 at and


Enter now the Canadian Tire Gas Survey Contest, in it, you could Win up to $1,000 CAD in cash daily or $500 CAD weekly.

The contest is open to legal residents of Canada who are eighteen years of age and older.

To enter, you must be invited by a participating client by being given a survey response. Then, go to the contest website at or to complete the survey, enter the receipt/certificate identifier found on your invitation. Then complete the required survey questions.

There are two entry periods, one will end on 1 February, 2020 and the second one on 31 January, 2020. The winners shall be determined at random.


The weekly prizes will consist of $500 CAD and the daily prizes will consist of $1,000 CAD.

Contest period

The Canadian Tire Gas Survey Contest is already open and will end on February 1, 2020 (weekly prizes) and 31 January, 2020 (daily prizes).

Winners and contest results

The winners will be selected daily and each week and will be notified by email.


  1. Not thrilled. The service is good, but if I activate my Black Friday is still on email for an extra $3.00 in coupons, I do not get them. I have the receipt and am currently looking at my activation. This is not the first time this has happened and has now gone past discouraging. I will probably use my CTC Triangle card at other locations which usually have cheaper gas considering I usually fill up two to three times a week.

  2. I still do not like that at service stations on the 400 series roads, I can fill with gas (great) I cannot go to the washroom (poor) and I cannot have a coffee in your ‘shop’. I have to go to the main service area which for a coffee is poor and . the washroom is time consuming. I don’t want a CT DONUT!! but a coffee great. You had a system earlier which was great. I complain to all the staff and they commiserate and tell me to talk as I am now going!!

    John 416 200 8073

  3. I am extremely disappointed in the car wash service, I even complained to the person in the both about it not washing off the little bit of snow on the car and she refused to give me rewash. Very poor customer service, I will never use that service again they do not care about quality. They did say you have to remove the snow first and there are no signs saying that. BAD SERVICE.

  4. not impressed with the chains in the gas pumps , one in six pay after you get gas , the rest you have to go inside first. usually buy a 1000 dollars a gas a month . don,t think I will be back


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