Canada Dry Tastes Like Winning Contest 2023: Enter your PIN and win at


Enter now the Canada Dry Tastes Like Winning Contest 2023 for your chance to win prizes.

This contest is only open to residents of Canada, who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence.

To enter you have to buy a participating Canada Dry product and look for the printed PIN on the inside of the box or underneath the bottle cap, then go to the contest website at and follow the instructions to enter your PIN and submit the entry form.

The contest will close on December 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be selected at random.


There is a total of 168 prizes available to be won:
-a Subaru Car prize pack
-cash prizes
-bike lights
-Prepaid Visa cards
-Petro Canada gift cards
-Yeti gift packs
-Live nation gift cards
-Canada Dry free products
-Keurig glass mugs

Contest period

The Canada Dry Tastes Like Winning Contest 2023 starts on May 1, 2023 and ends on December 31, 2023.


  1. I tried to enter the 2023 Prize Winning Contest. Yesterdy, I bought a 2L bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale from our BigWay store in Niverville, MB (for $2.99); entered the PIN as given under the yellow cap: CT7TTPTCCFAT – and got the notification that the PIN code was invalid. Why?

    • I had the same issue and ended up calling them. I was a bit annoyed. Why did the IT not try testing it first.

      They are aware of the issue and are working on it. They have had many calls on this. I don’t know if the number would work for you 1+877-950-6590. I am in Toronoto, Ontario.


  2. Same here, located a number imprinted on the inside of the carton entered it 20 times and it’s always invalid. So how can anyone win…?????

  3. Located the number inside the carton and must have tried to entert at least 20 times, Toni avail, always invalid. How can anyone win any prizes..???

  4. Rip off … as soon as I type in the first digit of the PIN (from inside the Canada Dry box) it comes up invalid …. I have 2 pins from 2 products and they both wont work …. the first digit on both is the letter “K”

  5. Bonjour, Je trouve que vos prix sont super intéressants. J’aimerais bien gagner un de vos prix. Merci d’avance et bonne journée. En passant le Canada Dry c’est ma liqueur préféré depuis toujours.

  6. Where do I put the Pin Number????? Could you just have a Place for the Number when I go to My Pin number was P2FHQ4C9Y005J5Y…..
    Maybe someone from could get back to me…..

  7. So several people enter their PIN only to have it say it’s invalid. Can only assume that Canada Dry is running a scam, or they have no idea how to run their own contest.

  8. je penseque vous publiez de la fausse information pour vendre vos produitsle pin a l interieurde la boite medit quand je le tape est invalidetout est faux saufque vous vulez vendre vos produit je n acheterais plus de vos produits et vais le faire savoir a mes amis

  9. I have tried multiple pins and they all say invalid….I have tried pin numbers from a cap and from cases of canada dry diet ginger ale. They all come up invalid.

  10. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Each time I put in a code from under the cap it comes up invalid. Maybe someone should do a class action lawsuit against CANDA DRY ASS. This is also a false advertisement and the contest should be taken off the web page, bottles, and boxes. SHAME ON CANADA DRY

  11. I contacted Canada Dry by email. They told me to send pics of the pins. I did that and they replied to try a zero instead of a D in one of the pins. I did that, still invalid. They sent me 2 new pins and those came up invalid as well. I have just emailed them a reply to tell them what happened and said there is something wrong with their pins or their site and people feel this contest is a scam. Waiting for a reply.

  12. They suggested clearing the cache or switching browsers to enter your pin. Clearing cache did work for one of the pins they sent me. I still have several pins from 12 pack cases of ginger ale that clearing the cache does not work for. I asked them what I should do now. Waiting for a reply.

  13. I have looked at all the negative comments frustrated people have sent . I have the same problem.INVALID PIN. Get this crap fixed. I changed browsers just to see if that might work. I get the same result result. INVALID PIN. I need an answer from whoever is running this contest for Canada or I will my Lawyer to look into this

    • Oh wow, so this has been happing since May and it is June and IT on their side is still working on it? Very disspointing with Canada Dry.

    • I too have seen the many negative comments and no response from Canada Dry which is very disappointing. My shock was this issue from May and here is June with still no fix except for one below this post. All those out there, call 1-877-350-6590 to advise and they will send you a pin but mine you I don’t think any of these pins will win anything.


  15. It is just a ruse to get to sell you something and to get your info. I have never heard of anyone winning anything since CanadaDry has been doing contests…anyone?

  16. I won’t give my credit card # to enter a contest promoting Stellar!!! What the hell Canada Dry? Who came up with this Bulls**t contest?

  17. Enter the pin from CD Club Soda 12-can carton but I have had the same experience as others, a message came back to say the PIN was invalid, I tried to put it in several different ways, but no luck. Very disappointing!

  18. SCAM! I tried entering codes but all were invalid, I had all the codes in my hand and recheck them all. This is a scam to buy their product on false pretenses. SAD!! Even says my email is incorrect!

  19. I have no problem entering the numbers as long as I enter them correctly. I did not have to put a credit card number in. I just haven’t won a daily prize or heard of anyone winning

  20. I had a winning pin # and it says I had won a Yeti package but nothing has turned up, it’s approx. 8 weeks now. I had filled in and sent a contest paper and I had a reply that it had been received but they will not reply to any further emails.


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