Best Western Rewards Black Friday Contest. Win up to 1 million Rewards points at


Best Western has announced an instant win contest that will take place from Back Friday to Cyber Monday in which you can win up to 1,000,000 Best Western Rewards Points.

Contest is open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada, who are 18 years of age or older and who are Best Western Rewards members (if you are not a member you can sign up for free).

Visit the official Best Western Rewards Black Friday Contest website at

If you are not a Best Western Rewards member you can sign up for free on the website. Once you have registered, sign in and you will be awarded an automatic chance to spin the prize wheel and win one of the instant prizes.

You will receive a bonus spin for every 10 eligible stays if you used your Best Western Rewards number from January 1, 2017 to November 23, 2017.

You can also earn a bonus entry by following the link to access the non-purchase spin request page and filling out the entry form.

There is a 1 in 4 chance to win one of the prizes that go from 100 Reward points up to 1 million Reward points. Contest closes on November 27, 2017.


100,000 winners of 100 Best Western Rewards Points.
50,000 winners of 1,000 Best Western Rewards Points.
5,000 winners of 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points.
10 winners of 100,000 Best Western Rewards Points.
4 winners of 1,000,000 Best Western Rewards Points.

Contest period

The Best Western Rewards Black Friday Contest begins on November 24, 2017 and ends on November 27, 2017 at 11:59 pm.

Winners and contest results

If you receive a “win” message you may be one of the winners. Follow the instructions to claim your prize. The potential Grand Prize winners will also be notified by email.



  1. Seems Best western needs to do something to make it easier to be able to just sign into there BW. account to be able to spin . I have been trying for over an hour threw different servers and sites .. Went threw this the last time they had this Come on BW. get it together and fix this!!

  2. Did the same thing last year . I eventually got in and managed to get a spin or two in towards the end of it . Not this time around . I wonder if anyone from BW actually reads these and if anything will get done Before the next one ?

  3. I just called the 800 number and talked to an agent named Aaron. He said the website was receiving such a large volume of responders that they are working on it right now to update their server. (i’m paraphrasing bec I don’t remember exactly what he said) He said to keep trying back but it’s very frustrating to spend your time on this. Makes me wonder if anyone ever wins the Grand Prize?

  4. Best western Canada should run their own spin wheel for canadians only . Either that or change the BW to BS that comes with trying to get a few extra rewards points out of this once a year game that only seems to waste a lot of peoples time , and only piss them off …Not a good way to keep loyal customers .. Other hotels have loyalty programs as well…. Just a thought …

  5. Friday it would not load. I sent them an email and they didn’t respond. Today it worked but it only lands on the one Not A Winner space…. every time. Then keeps saying I have two spins left. Over and over and over. Best Western is not as good as it once was.


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